LMAX Exchange is hiring

LMAX Exchange is looking for a new senior tester who enjoys technical challenges. If you're interested here are some of the things we're looking for:

  • you are doing exploratory testing with all sorts of tools,
  • you have been using Webdriver for quite some time now but you don't shy away from an API level test,
  • you understand web technologies and you know why Chrome/Firefox are better browsers than IE at the moment,
  • you understand how Javascript and HTML tie together,
  • you have dabbled into Linux and liked it for your back-end testing needs,
  • you like coding your own tools to uncover different emergent behaviours in the system.

If you join LMAX Exchange, you'll get to play with a very mature custom testing framework (think API clients and Webdriver) and interact with some of the best Java developers out there. Also you'll be part of a proper agile team where the business actually gets it.

Let me know if your interested or checkout this URL - http://www.lmax.com/careers#senior-test-analyst

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